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MindflMind believes in creating a better world through feeling good.

With profound trainings by highly experienced teachers you will increase well-being, inspiration, satisfaction and excellence in life.

What is Mindfulness?

The practice of mindfulness is a simple technique which uses an object of focus. By continually bringing attention to the object the mind settles and relaxes. The practitioner reconnects to his/her natural state of mind: precise, undisturbed, undistracted.

With the ground of mindfulness practice, one maintains a focused mind. From here a greater clarity and environmental awareness can naturally occur. One is fully mindful of the task at hand and aware of the complex array of interpersonal communication. One is more open and less reactive.

With mindfulness and awareness the practitioner is able to sort out what is truly most helpful and effective, and eliminate elements of life that are unhealthy, harmful or unnecessary. When groups work together based on the sanity of mindfulness and awareness, they create an environment that everyone wants. Mindfulness is naturally good for individuals, groups and organizations.

Our Courses

• From 90 minutes to full day workshops
• 10-week course
• In-house training programs
• Mindful leadership -- 2-day intensive training
• Bespoke / Tailor to your needs

“Nothing is more powerful than an idea whose time has come.”

- Victor Hugo

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Brian Hilliard is a leader in the mindfulness field, having worked with mindfulness disciplines for over 35 years. He teaches and mentors widely throughout Europe in business, centers for well-being, and holiday retreats. His unique training is based on ancient mind science traditions that specialise in maximising human potential and well-being. He completed the traditional 3-year intensive retreat.

Shannon van Staden is a mindfulness instructor and teaches throughout Europe. With a luxury travel background, she specialises in establishing the appropriate environment within which mindfulness training can successfully occur. She is developing extensive mindfulness networks for the further advancement of well-being in the business and work sectors.

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